KneeCap offers an exciting and unique marketing tool for our clients through the growing field of digital video. We are now able to showcase a company like never before and distribute this information on an array of media options making digital video a medium full of possibilities.

Presentations (Flash, PowerPoint and QuickTime)
Concept, Writing, Creating and Production

Digital Audio/Video Productions
Training Videos, Focus Groups, Special Events, Multi-Media Usage
Development, Writing, All Phases of Production, Shooting, Editing
and Compression

Graphic Design
Corporate ID, Brochures, Direct Mail, Newsletters, Sales Sheets and
Annual Reports

Photo Manipulations
Photo Retouching, Photo Merging, Color Correction and Replacement

Print Production
All Phases of Prepress Print Production

Web Advertising (Multi-Media Capacities)
Concept, Creation, Production and Coding, Placement and Tracking

Development, Architecture, Concept, Creation, Production, Coding,
and Tracking

Video Portfolio

The Flood Buidling
100 Years Video

Phoniex Vineyards
Blood of Jupiter

Ritz Tours
Thailand Tours

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