KneeCap Graph X utilizes over 25 years of personal experience and 15 years of history in the Bay area to offer a wide range of services completing your marketing needs. From graphic and web design to marketable digital video, we present to you a sampling of our history. Click on any of the links below in the following fields to view our work.

Presentations (Flash, PowerPoint, QuickTime)
Concept, Writing, Creating and Production

Digital Audio/Video Productions
Training Videos, Focus Groups, Special Events, Multi-Media Usage
Development, Writing, All Phases of Production, Shooting, Editing and Compression

Graphic Design
Corporate ID, Brochures, Direct Mail, Newsletters, Sales Sheets and
Annual Reports

Photo Manipulations
Photo Retouching, Photo Merging, Color Correction and Replacement

Print Production
All Phases of Prepress Print Production

Web Advertising (Multi-Media capacities)
Concept, Creation, Production and Coding, Placement and Tracking

Development, Architecture, Concept, Creation, Production, Coding, and Tracking

KneeCap Graph X
Graphic & Web Design
Digital Video

c/o D. Michael Pitalo



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